Vivienne’s photos were recently on display at Madrone Art Bar, a cozy neighborhood bar in the Divisadero Corridor where people love to appreciate art and listen to great music while drinking with friends.

Madrone Art Bar
500 Divisadero St (at Fell)
May 1st – June 28th 


Michael “Spike” Krouse, the owner of Madrone, gave Vivienne this amazing opportunity. He is a strong supporter of artists, evidenced by the fact that the bar doesn’t take a dime of the artists’ sales, and he gives each artist a stipend to help with the cost of producing the work.

Vivienne and Spike met after his 1970 Camaro was stolen and stripped for parts. It had been his mother’s car. In fact, it was the car his parents brought him home from the hospital in when he was born. So it was a particularly stinging loss. By some twist of fate, Vivienne took this portrait just days before it was stolen.




Event photos generously taken by Linda Sue Scott.