About the Artist

Vivienne Scholl is a San Francisco-based graphic designer at Avenue 4 Design, a design & branding company she and her husband Kevin Potcner own and operate. She lived in cities and small towns in the northeastern U.S.—as well as a tiny, rural village in Denmark—before being lured by the call of “The West”. In the early 2000s, she and Kevin set off on what was supposed to have been an extended travel adventure, but instead, they ended up falling in love with and putting down roots in San Francisco. Vivienne lives and works in the Castro.

About the Project


Like most humans—after camera technology was successfully engineered into our phones—Vivienne carries a camera with her everywhere she goes. This new paradigm changed everything for her in 2012, transforming her from someone who would always hand the phone to her husband when someone asked, “Can you take our picture?”, to a hobbyist photographer known for her sharp eye behind a lens. Then in 2014, a back injury changed things again. To reduce daily pain, she drastically altered her diet, reengineered her office ergonomics and added multiple-mile walks to her weekly routine. All of this evolved fairly quickly into an obsession with hunting down and photographing as many vintage cars as she could find. What sets her photos apart is the backgrounds. Not just any background will do, and her standard for what makes a good image is high. Vivienne had her first photography exhibition in May of 2019.